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1923 Dort Six, 3-Door

The most unique car in our collection is a once in a lifetime find. The Dort car was manufactured from 1915 to 1924 in Flint, Michigan. During a tour of Greenfield Village in Michigan, we came across a hood ornament with “Dort” on it. Since my name is Dort, research on this car began in earnest.

We found this car in London, England, where it had undergone a complete restoration and was being used for weddings. It was shipped to the United States and arrived on our doorstep with much excitement and anticipation.

Unknown to us when we made the purchase, this car is THE ONLY KNOWN DORT SIX, 3-DOOR TO EXIST AT ALL! We received documentation to back up those claims and it is an amazing showpiece. Our daughter used it for her wedding in 2014 and so the story continues.

This car is not for sale, but you have to see it to appreciate it!

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